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Jan 08, 2017
Building a Great School Website: Top Six "Don'ts" for the Homepage

Your school homepage provides the first impression of your school for many families, prospective families, job seekers and community members. What kind of impression is it making? 

Jan 03, 2017
Building a Great School Website: The Homepage

What belongs on your school homepage? Maybe not as much as you think. When it comes to homepage design, simpler is better. 

Dec 19, 2016
Building a Great School Website: Navigation

Can your school website visitors find what they need in 30 seconds or less? If they can't, it may be time to take a closer look at your website navigation. 

Dec 14, 2016
Three Ways to Think About Classroom Technology Integration

Today’s students have access to plenty of technology—but is it making a difference in teaching and learning? Three models of classroom technology integration (SAMR, TPACK and TIM) give teachers and administrators some concrete guidance in assessing the use of technology in the classroom.

Dec 13, 2016
Does Technology in the Classroom Really Make a Difference?

Technology is now nearly ubiquitous in American classrooms. But is all this technology access really making a difference? Or are we just using high-tech tools to do the same old things in a slightly different way?

Oct 26, 2016
Adventures in Flipping the Classroom (Part 2)

A Conversation with Master Teacher Nancy Foote