About Us

At eChalk, we have provided innovative learning and communication applications to K-12 schools across the United States since 1999. 

Our design philosophy: Simple, Powerful Design. We believe that our applications must be simple enough that the vast majority of users will enjoy participating without needing any training. We create no features or buttons that aren’t absolutely necessary. And we spend the design and testing time necessary to make everything friendly and intuitive.

Our service philosophy: School life is busy and hectic, and school technology specialists are stretched. We understand that if issues do arise you need help right away, so we are standing by to provide rapid response to phone and email requests. We pride ourselves on a reputation for unparalleled support.

Our new platform: In 2015, we released our 100% new eChalk Connected K12 Campus application. Starting fresh allowed us to reimagine the place of technology in the life of a school, both within the classroom and beyond. It has also enabled us to build a system using today's newest and best design practices and technologies, so it will be fully ready for the devices and practices in use today..and tomorrow.