Mar 14, 2018

February 2018 Release #2: ARIA Landmark Regions for Website Accessibility

We’re pleased to announce another new feature release! eChalk has added enhanced navigation to help improve web accessibility for screen reader users by adding ARIA Landmark Regions. This enhancement allows users to quickly and easily navigate through content regions on your site(s) using assistive technologies and became available to all eChalk users starting 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 24th. Here's what to look for:

ARIA Landmarks for Improved Web Accessibility

With our second February release your site will now have even better accessibility with the use of ARIA Landmarks! These regions allow screen reader users to easily jump from one section of your web page to another without navigating through every single link on the page. The following anchors are currently implemented:

  • banner - used for site header content
  • navigation - used for navigation area
  • main content - used for main area with all page content blocks
  • any user generated content block is identifiable as a separate region and utilizes the Block Tile as the title of the region. You must use block tiles if you wish to navigate via region.
  • content info - used for the site footer content

View our full release notes here.

Look for more product updates throughout the school year. We are hard at work building new eChalk features for you!