eChalk Guide: Your Guide to School Website Accessibility

To create an accessible school website, it helps to have a Guide.

eChalk Guide puts accessibility guidance at your fingertips while you are building your website, so you don't need expensive or cumbersome third-party accessibility software tools. Guide is:

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You don’t need to be a website accessibility expert to understand and respond to Guide reports. Guide pinpoints the type and location of problematic content on your website and tells you what the problem is.




We identify the accessibility issues that content creators have direct control over, so you aren't faced with a report full of issues you don't have the tools to address. (Don't worry—the eChalk CMS takes care of platform issues automatically with built-in accessibility features.)




You can use Guide to identify non-accessible content on your current eChalk site or test content for accessibility BEFORE a page is published. Guide helps you make your website more accessible and keep it that way.


How It Works

Guide is built into the eChalk CMS, so all you need to do is activate your subscription to start using Guide with your eChalk website.

Guide provides reports that identify content accessibility problems on your eChalk website. You can use Guide reports to:

  • Find and fix content accessibility problems on already-published webpages. (Webmasters can even identify content problems on pages created by other users and identify users who need additional guidance on creating accessible content.)

  • Evaluate new pages prior to publication and correct content accessibility issues before the page goes live.

  • Track progress towards website accessibility goals with reports showing how the number of accessibility issues has changed over time.


Content Accessibility Reporting with Guide

Guide identifies content accessibility issues that are in the direct control of web content creators. These include:

  • Missing or incorrect use of alt-text for visual elements

  • Meaningful Link Names

  • Readability of content to ensure it is written at a 6 - 9 grade level

  • PDF Warnings

  • Misused headers

  • Videos without captions

  • Contrast issues with custom text colors

  • Warnings about embedded 3rd party widgets


Get Started with Guide Now

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