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The only K-12 platform that brings school websites, learning management, and group collaboration tools together in one simple, organized online environment.

eChalk K-12 school websites are completely mobile responsive

Simple, powerful tools for beautiful school and district websites

eChalk’s learning management system (LMS) is perfect for K-12 teachers and students

The newest and best learning management systems (LMS) for K-12 teachers and students

eChalk Groups in like an intranet for K-12 teams, clubs and departments

Websites and private online spaces to keep teams, clubs and departments organized and connected. 


Create a safe, orderly online space with eChalk's easy websites and LMS.

K-12 school life is moving increasingly online. Students and parents may check your school website for news and announcements, your learning management system(s) for grades and homework, and somewhere else entirely for updates from student clubs or the PTA. Sometimes, they may not know where to look! 

eChalk brings structure to the chaos. With eChalk, students, teachers, and parents can find everything related to their school life, all in one place. Our integrated system brings your school website, LMS and tools for clubs, teams and departments together. It saves time, reduces confusion, and makes it easier to support emerging practices such as flipped classrooms, blended learning and online professional development. 

It's like having a brand new campus - online!

Whether you’re a teacher, student, parent or administrator, we’ve got your back.

The eChalk is the learning management system (LMS) for K-12 teachers
The eChalk LMS helps students stay organized
eChalk school websites and learning management system keep parents connected
eChalk school websites save time for K-12 webmasters
eChalk teachers are less stressed and more innovative.

With eChalk, teachers can spend less time managing class logistics and more time developing innovative ways to teach.

The eChalk LMS supports emerging models for teaching and learning that promote higher levels of student engagement, such as flipped classroom and blended learning.

Teachers can easily keep course materials, resources, learning activities and assessments organized for future use. 

Now it’s easy to share lesson plans, assignments, assessments, and other resources with co-teachers in the eChalk LMS.

Teachers can participate in virtual or blended professional learning opportunities on the same LMS they use in their own classrooms. 

With public class pages that are fully integrated with the LMS, publishing information about teacher background, class syllabus, and class successes on the school website is easy.

eChalk students are more organized, connected and engaged.

eChalk makes it easier for busy students to organize their time, engage with classes and homework, and stay involved in all of their activities.

Students have anytime access to interactive online lessons, rich digital content, and grades and teacher feedback.

Students can keep up with all of their extracurricular activities with easy access to schedules, resources, and news. 

eChalk is like a Trapper Keeper on steroids: eChalk helps kids organize and stay on top of all of their assignments, assessments, and class materials

Mobile-responsive sites allow students to access everything they need, whenever they need it, from any of their favorite devices.

eChalk parents are better informed and more involved.

For eChalk parents, it's easy to stay on top of everything happening at school, from upcoming tests to extracurricular activities.

With eChalk's school websites and LMS, parents can view class events, news, grades and assignments and all extracurricular activities for all of their children in one place. 

Parents can access information from the school website and from their children's classes and groups whenever and wherever they need it, from any device.

eChalk web administrators have more time and more control.

eChalk makes creating and managing school websites easy, so web administrators have more time to focus on creating great content.

With eChalk, it’s easy to create a beautiful, mobile-ready school website that reflects the right image to your community. 

The eChalk CMS is easy to use and requires no programming experience, so you can have your school website up and running in a snap. 

eChalk lets you give the right privileges to the right people, so you can share the workload while maintaining control.  

Your data is safe and secure with eChalk. Unlike “free” services, we never use your information for commercial purposes. 

eChalk school websites and LMS are hosted on the Amazon cloud, one of the most reliable, scalable and secure hosting platforms in the world. 

Our service and helpdesk support is second to none. We are 100% committed to your success.

We couldn’t possibly name all the reasons, but here are six we hear a lot.


Easier, simpler, and friendlier
than the rest.

With best-in-class design and a user interface that teachers and students love, eChalk makes it easy for everyone to get up and running quickly. Hands down, eChalk is simpler to learn and use. 


Lowest barrier to implementation.

Worried about switching from your current system to eChalk? Don’t worry. We can help you and your teachers migrate quickly and easily, so you can be up and running in no time. 


Not too little, not too much, but just right.

eChalk is built specifically for K-12, with just the features you need without the bulk and complexity of those you don’t.


It’s easy to help yourself.

Our extensive library of short video-based tutorials pinpoint the answers to almost any question, allowing you and your teachers to move forward without in-person training.


One system to learn and love.

Staff and end users interact with one platform that has a consistent look, feel and user interface across the entire digital district experience. No need to learn the complex intricacies of multiple systems.


We’re only a phone call (or an email) away.

Our customer service is unrivaled in the industry. Enhanced support gives all users (not just admin) the ability to call or email our support line directly, taking the burden off your district tech support, and providing real-time help.

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