eChalk Connection

Jul 18, 2018
Mobile Apps vs. Robocalling: Which is Better for Emergency Alerts?

The way that people use their phones has changed—and those changes impact the effectiveness of robocalling systems. Is it time to rethink the way you’re communicating with families?

Jun 14, 2018
School Notifications: Are You Suffering from "Channel Overload"?

Most districts today use a variety of communication channels, from social media to robocalls. But if you're using multiple channels without a clear strategy, you and your audience may be suffering from "channel overload." 

May 21, 2018
Free School Software: Promises and Pitfalls

There are an extraordinary number of free resources available for teachers. When do you allow teachers to explore and use free software, and when do you set policy and provide a solution for everyone? 

Apr 09, 2018
Making PDFs Accessible for School Websites

Are PDFs on your website accessible for visitors using accessibility software? Read on for tips on making PDFs more accessible on school websites and alternate ways of presenting information. 

Apr 02, 2018
Making School Website Navigation More Accessible for Screen Readers

ffective web design strategies can make it easier for visitors using screen readers to navigate through your school website. Here are some easy tips you can implement right now. 

Mar 22, 2018
Four Steps to ADA Compliance for School Websites

Disability rights advocates are increasingly turning their attention to equal access to information on school websites and other digital platforms. Is your website ready?