Feb 22, 2019

February 2019 Release: SIS Sync Client and More

We're pleased to announce the release of the SIS Sync Client for eChalk. This tool allows you to send regular automated student and staff updates directly from your SIS to eChalk, so your eChalk accounts are always effortlessly up-to-date. 

The admin utility can be used to create, modify or delete user accounts at the school or district level to make user administration faster and easier.

The new SIS Sync Client is available for download as of February 22. Learn how to download the client and configure your SIS for automated updates on our SIS Sync Client Help Page.  

The February 22 release also includes a few other updates and enhancements, including: 

  • Website Accessibility: We've improved the accessibility of eChalk Site Alerts by implementing hierarchical semantic headers.

  • Performance and Stability Updates: Various performance and stability updates to the backend platform.

Download the full release notesto learn more.