Nov 05, 2016

November 2016 Release: Assessments and iCal Integration

We're pleased to announce that the November 2016 product release is now live.

The eChalk November release introduces two important updates to the eChalk platform:

  • Assessments: Teachers can now create and assign quizzes, tests and formative assessments right inside the eChalk LMS. Assessments are fully integrated into the eChalk Gradebook and can be mostly or completely self-grading (depending on the item type) to save time for busy teachers and provide students with fast feedback. Item types include Multiple Choice, True/False, Ordering, Matching Column, Fill in the Blank and Short Answer (Essay). The robust assessment platform allows teachers to set start and end dates for assessments, randomize question and answer choice order, control publishing of grades, and provide students with feedback on every question. 

  • iCal integration: Any calendar in the eChalk system can now be subscribed to with the calendar system of your choice. So if you use Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook or Apple Calendar, you can now subscribe to any eChalk calendar and see what's happening in your school, district, classes and groups.

eChalk will continue to release new features over the 2016-2017 school year. Check back for more updates soon.