eChalk Classes and Groups

eChalk Classes and Groups give teachers, coaches, department chairs and group leaders a suite of tools to keep their members connected and informed. Classes and Groups include public webpages and private password protected intranet for members only.


Classes and Groups are perfect for:







Faculty Departments
School Board


Student Clubs and Organizations


Public Pages

Teachers, coaches and group leaders can create and manage their own public webpages using echalk's easy CMS—no programming skill required.


Private Intranet


eChalk provides each class and group in your school with a password protected collaboration space.

  • Academic departments can share curriculum materials across the district.
  • HR can share faculty only documents and announcements
  • Teachers can share class presentations, study guides, calendar and more.
  • Coaches and student club leaders can share practice schedules, news and pictures.
  • Free Parent Accounts have access to their children’s classes and groups.



Personal Calendar

    eChalk pulls all events from each user’s classes, groups and school into one unified calendar.

    • Great for busy parents and forgetful 8th graders!
    • Synch with Outlook and Google calendars

    Integrated with Notify

    Classes and groups are integrated with eChalk Notify , so key information is pushed to members’ mobile devices as it is posted. , so teachers, coaches, department chairs and groups leaders can update their class or group pages and instantly push notifications to members' mobile devices.