eChalk Website Accessibility Features

With eChalk, you won't need expensive third-party accessibility tools to meet school website accessibility guidelines. eChalk takes care of the hardest elements of school website accessibility automatically.

Our CMS is built with native accessibility features that make our websites easier to perceive and navigate for people with visual, auditory, dexterity or cognitive differences. This includes people using keyboard navigation and assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Graphic of Person on Laptop

Accessibility Features Built In to Our CMS Include:

  • Header hierarchy (blocks): Our design themes use headers appropriately to help people using screen readers understand the structure of the page and navigate quickly to the section they want to read.

  • ARIA landmarks: ARIA landmarks are attributes you can add to elements in your page to define areas like the main content or navigation elements. ARIA landmarks help people using screen readers or keyboard navigation understand page structure and move quickly between elements on the page. 

  • Skip to Nav: Users can quickly skip to navigation elements so they can move through the website more efficiently.

  • Skip to Main Content: Users can quickly skip over navigation and other elements to get to the main content on a page.

  • Contrast: Our design themes are built with high contrast between text and backgrounds for people with low visual acuity or color blindness.

  • Alt-text: The eChalk CMS makes it easy to enter appropriate alt-text descriptions for images and other non-text elements so they can be read by people using screen readers.

  • Tables: Our tables are built to facilitate access to table content by people using screen readers or other assistive technologies.