Easier, simpler, and friendlier
than the rest.

With best-in-class design and a user interface that teachers and students love, eChalk makes it easy for everyone to get up and running quickly. Hands down, eChalk is simpler to learn and use. 


Lowest barrier to implementation.

Worried about switching from your current system to eChalk? Don’t worry. We can help you and your teachers migrate quickly and easily, so you can be up and running in no time. 


Not too little, not too much, but just right.

eChalk is built specifically for K-12, with just the features you need without the bulk and complexity of those you don’t.


It’s easy to help yourself.

Our extensive library of short video-based tutorials pinpoint the answers to almost any question, allowing you and your teachers to move forward without in-person training.


One system to learn and love.

Staff and end users interact with one platform that has a consistent look, feel and user interface across the entire digital district experience. No need to learn the complex intricacies of multiple systems.


We’re only a phone call (or an email) away.

Our customer service is unrivaled in the industry. Enhanced support gives all users (not just admin) the ability to call or email our support line directly, taking the burden off your district tech support, and providing real-time help.