Frequently Asked Questions About eChalk's School Websites, LMS and Groups

1. What is the advantage of using an LMS designed specifically for K-12 schools?

Because we focus only on K-12, eChalk is: 

  • Simple: eChalk has just the features you need, and none of the complexity that you don’t. Learning platforms designed for higher education will have features appropriate for a professor or corporate learning manager that K-12 teachers just don't need. We keep it simple, so it's easy to learn and easy to use. 
  • Safe: The bar for safety and security for younger learners is higher than for adults.  We build our communication and collaboration tools specifically for younger learners to keep them safe. 
  • Holistic: For K-12 students, school also means sports, extracurricular activities and special events. eChalk is built to support the WHOLE K-12 school experience.

2. I just need a school website. I love the way eChalk’s school websites look - can I purchase just the CMS?

Yes, you can! 

3. I already have a school website. Can I purchase eChalk's K-12 LMS by itself?

Yes, you can. In this case, you will be able to use Classes and Groups for your students and teachers, and the public website functionality will be turned off.

4. How is eChalk's K-12 LMS different from Google Class?

Google Class is a simple tool that allows teachers to post information and collect assignments. eChalk provides robust learning management tools to support the whole learning process. The eChalk LMS includes built-in assessment and assignment tools, a full gradebook, and structured online lessons to support a variety of classroom models, including flipped classrooms and blended learning. 

5. How does eChalk integrate with Google tools?

eChalk is integrated with common Google tools:

  • Google Translate, Google Search and Google Analytics
  • Access your Google Drive files directly from the eChalk application 
  • Sync events from your eChalk calendars into your Google calendar using iCal
  • Embed Google Forms on any page within eChalk
  • Embed your Google Calendar on any page within eChalk

6. Can I host my own eChalk site?

eChalk is a cloud-based application. Therefore, all that is required is an internet connection and a browser. We do not offer a locally hosted version of the application. 

7. How does eChalk ensure site reliability?

eChalk uses best practices in coding, software quality assurance, networking, and security to ensure extremely high system reliability. eChalk has an uptime history of 99.98%. 

8. How does eChalk keep my data secure?

At eChalk, we take data security seriously. We use up-to-date encryption and authentication to keep passwords and user data secure. Specifically: 

  • User passwords: eChalk does not store any user passwords; eChalk stores only encrypted hashes of  passwords so passwords can never be stolen.
  • Files and resources: These are secured by multiple methods including but not limited to time-based access tokens, role-based permissioning and other proprietary methods.
  • Logged-in communication: All logged in communications are encrypted using SSL. 

9. How often does eChalk release updates?

eChalk releases new updates several times per year. These updates happen automatically and are included in your eChalk subscription at no additional cost.

10. What are the system requirements for using eChalk?

eChalk is compatible with all standard browsers and operating systems, including current versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox and all versions of Internet Explorer currently supported by Microsoft. 


The best way to understand how eChalk works is to try it.