eChalk Connection

Feb 01, 2019
Yes, Your School Website Still Matters—A Lot.  Here's Why. 

How much does your school website still matter in an age of social media and instant notifications? More than you may think! An up-to-date school website is still the heart of a comprehensive school communication plan.

Nov 26, 2018
The Google-ization of the Classroom

Over the last 20 months, Google's dominance in K-12 classrooms has only grown—the five top digital tools used in the classroom are all Google products. But Google has largely gone silent about their spectacular growth. What gives?

Nov 16, 2018
Students for Sale: The Hidden Price of Free Software

Advertising is a fact of life in modern society, but schools—and education technology companies—should be very careful about they types and quantity of ads students are exposed to while engaged in educational activities. 

Sep 24, 2018
What's the Best Solution for Parent-Teacher Communication?

A growing number of teachers are maintaining public webpages and signing up for freemium notification systems to keep everyone informed about homework, testing schedules and class events. How can you make it easier for everyone? 

Jul 18, 2018
Mobile Apps vs. Robocalling: Which is Better for Emergency Alerts?

The way that people use their phones has changed—and those changes impact the effectiveness of robocalling systems. Is it time to rethink the way you’re communicating with families?

Jun 14, 2018
School Notifications: Are You Suffering from "Channel Overload"?

Most districts today use a variety of communication channels, from social media to robocalls. But if you're using multiple channels without a clear strategy, you and your audience may be suffering from "channel overload."