Version 4.0 Feature set

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+ Themes

  • Choose from a selection of beautiful, professional, mobile-responsive design themes
  • Switch your theme at the touch of a button; all content is automatically rearranged into your new theme

+ Design Tools

  • Choose your own colors, logo, tagline and favicon
  • Create a custom header with your own images and change it at any time
  • Choose from static or scrolling header images

+ Navigation Controls

  • Customize and update your navigation structure with easy drag-and-drop tools

+ Page Builder

  • Create an unlimited number of pages
  • Create and work on draft pages
  • Preview draft pages before applying any changes to the website
  • Add or edit pages with no downtime

+ Layout Manager

  • Organize pages with modular content “blocks” that can be combined to create endless different layouts
  • Choose the number of rows on the page, the number of blocks in each row and the relative size of each block
  • Blocks types include:
    • Images
    • Video
    • Text
    • Embedded links
    • News feed
    • Social media feeds
    • Calendars
    • Documents

+ Rich Text Editor

  • Full-featured Rich Text Editor
  • Allows for HTML, embedded links, files, images, video

+ Privilege Manager

  • Assign and manage privileges for different user types, including:
    • Super User
    • Site Administrator
    • Group/Class Administrator
    • Content Contributor
    • Auditor
    • Member

+ Translation

  • Provide translation of all page content to 100+ languages with the integrated Google Translate tool

+ News Feed

  • Create a News Feed to share timely updates and information
  • Include links, file attachments or images
  • Combine news from different sources (e.g. the district and a school) into one news feed

+ Calendar

  • Post events on school or district Calendars
  • Combine school and district events on a unified Calendar

+ Directory

  • Automated Directory for:
    • Staff (includes names, photos, titles, contact information and email links)
    • Classes
    • Groups
    • Schools
  • Changes to staff, class, group or school information are automatically reflected in the Directory

+ Social Media Integration

  • Add social media buttons to your site
  • Embed Facebook or Twitter feeds and other embeddable social media content onto any page

+ District/School Content Distribution

  • Automatically share New Feed posts, Calendar events, and resources from district site to school sites

+ Class and Group Public Web Pages

  • Give teachers and group leaders privileges to manage their own Class or Group pages
  • Teachers and group leaders can share documents, photos, videos, social feeds, calendars, news feeds and more using our easy, robust CMS tools

+ File Storage

  • Store and share the images, documents and resources you need for your web site
  • Unlimited file storage

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+ Class Section & Management

  • Permanent class repository
    • Store class materials, assessments and assignments for reuse year-to-year
    • Share all materials with with co-instructors
    • Create assignments, assessments and resources once and share them with sections as appropriate
  • Sections
    • Create multiple sections for each class, each with its own roster and beginning and end dates
    • Share news feeds, events and content with individual sections or with all sections

+ Member Management

  • Add or remove members manually using email or search, or with Join Codes
  • Co-instructors share class and content management privileges
  • Member privileging, including:
    • Super User
    • Manager
    • Content Contributor
    • Member
    • Auditor

+ News Feed

  • Share class news and announcements through a social feed
  • Attach files and images
  • Post to one section or to all sections simultaneously
  • Make posts public on the class web page or private for logged-in members only

+ Resources

  • Store and organize resources using folders and sub-folders
  • Share with co-instructors
  • Publish important files:
    • in your Class profile
    • on your public Class page
    • in lessons
    • in your News Feed
  • Unlimited file storage

+ Assessments

  • Item types:
    • Multiple choice
    • Fill in the blank
    • Matching column
    • Ordering
    • True/false
    • Text answer
  • Auto-graded (except text answer)
  • Assign to individual section or all sections and store in library for future use
  • Give students feedback and assign grades
  • Set start/end time
  • Randomize questions

+ Assignments

  • Create assignments using Rich Text Editor and attached files
  • Assign to individual class sections and save for use in future sections
  • Share assignments with co-teachers and other class teachers
  • Students can complete assignments using the Rich Text Editor or attach files to turn in via Homework Drop Box
  • Give students feedback and assign grades
  • Allow students to resubmit work
  • Manage and track assignments completed within the application or submitted in the Homework Drop Box

+ Lessons

  • Create student-facing, multi-step online lessons for in-class activities, mutli-day lessons, flipped lessons, etc.
  • Add text, video, images and/or documents to each step
  • Assign lessons to individual sections or to multiple sections simultaneously
  • Track when and to whom the lesson has been assigned in the past
  • Store lessons in the Unit Library for future use
  • Share lessons with other class teachers

+ Lesson Plans

  • Create Lesson Plans for each Lesson
  • Share with co-teachers and Auditor (e.g. Principal, Department Head)
  • Template includes:
    • Objective
    • Materials
    • Preparation
    • Evaluation
    • Assignments
    • Additional information

+ Unit Library

  • Store Assignments, Assessments, Lessons and Lesson Plans for future use
  • Create your own folder and sub-folder structure for easy organization

+ Homework Drop Box

  • Students submit homework and projects via file upload (including multiple files) from their computer or mobile device or complete and submit the assignment within the LMS
  • Late submissions can be accepted at teacher discretion

+ Gradebook

  • Assign grades for activities completed within eChalk as well as offline
  • Create categories such as class participation, homework, quiz, test or project
  • Assign grading weights to each category
  • Automatically calculate overall student grades based on the individual item grades and weighting
  • Gradebook entries are exportable as CSV files

+ Class Profile

  • A class profile is automatically generated for each class including instructor name and contact information
  • The class profile displays within the class directory
  • Instructors can add a class image for the Dashboard and a class description

+ Class Web Page

  • Teachers create and maintain public web pages for each class using the easy eChalk CMS toolbox—no technical background required
  • Keep families and the community up-to-date with class news, photos, events and important information
  • Share all or selected content from your News Feed and Class Calendar on your public page

+ Professional Development Platform

  • Deliver professional development online to teachers across the district, using the same platform teachers use with their students

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+ Group Managment

  • Create and manage multiple Groups within your district or school (e.g., sports teams, student clubs, PTA, academic departments, HR, school board, etc.)
  • Share Group management privileges with co-leaders

+ Member Management

  • Add or remove Group members and co-leaders manually or with easy member Join Codes
  • Member privilege levels include:
    • Super User
    • Manager
    • Content Contributor
    • Member

+ News Feed

  • Share news and announcements through an easy social feed
  • Attach files and images
  • Make post public on the Group web page or private for logged-in members only

+ Group Calendar

  • Create Group Calendars with upcoming events
  • Make events public on the Group web page or private for logged-in members only
  • Share group events (e.g. School Board meetings or football games) onto the main school or district calendar

+ Resources/File Storage

  • Store and organize resources using folders and sub-folders
  • Share resources with co-leaders
  • Publish important files in your Group profile
  • Unlimited file storage

+ Group Profile

  • A Group profile is automatically generated for each Group including group leader name and contact information
  • Group Leaders can add a Group image and a Group description to the profile

+ Group Web Pages

  • Create and maintain public web pages using the easy eChalk CMS toolbox—no technical background required
  • Post select information from group news feed, photos, events and important information

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Personal Tools

+ Dashboard

  • See all of your Classes and Groups in one place on the eChalk Dashboard

+ Profile

  • Auto-generated user profile for all licensed users
  • Upload a picture or avatar to customize your profile image
  • Teacher profiles include all classes taught
  • Contact information
  • Area for bio/profile
  • Add links to relevant websites or resources

+ Personal Aggregated Calendar

  • Keep track of all of your Class, Group, School and District events with aggregated personal calendars
  • Students can see all classes, team schedules, club activities and school and district events in one place

+ File Storage

  • Store and organize personal files in your own virtual file cabinet
  • Unlimited file storage

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+ Software Architecture

  • HTML5
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Service layer: Microsoft.Net
  • LMS front end: AngularJS
  • Website front end: Microsoft ASP.Net MVC

+ Security

  • The system stores encrypted hashes of user passwords using SHA256 encryption.
  • Files and resources are secured by Amazon’s authentication scheme.
  • All logins and site data are encrypted using SSL encryption.

+ Hosting

  • eChalk is designed, built and hosted in Amazon Cloud

+ Reliability

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a demonstrated uptime of 99.9955%
  • eChalk production databases are backed up via realtime transactional updates through Amazon; full backups are performed daily
  • Data stored redundantly in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility
  • Amazon Web Services Beanstalk used for automatic scaling
  • In the highly unlikely event of a complete failure of AWS, eChalk will be able to restore the database from redundant backups within ½ day

+ Compatibility

  • eChalk uses Standard communication protocols (http/https) for its platform to ensure interoperability.

+ System Requirements


  • eChalk Community Management, Class and Learning Applications:
    • IE 9 and higher
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox: current version
  • eChalk Public Website Applications:
    • IE 8 and higher
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox: current version

Operating Systems

  • All operating systems that are capable of running the browsers listed above are supported, including IOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

+ Upgrades

  • All upgrades happen automatically and are included at no additional cost.

+ SIS Integration

  • User information can be added to eChalk or updated through a web interface bulk upload tool

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+ Help

  • Video tutorials, text-based help

+ Support

  • Basic Support (Included with site license) includes:
    • 24/7 access for all users to eChalk’s online support library
    • Unlimited helpdesk phone and email support during regular eChalk support hours for up to 3 designated users at each site
    • Off-hours emergency technical support for up to 3 designated users at each site
  • Enhanced Support - (optional) includes:
    • All of the services in Basic Support
    • Unlimited helpdesk phone and email support during regular eChalk support hours for all site users

* Implementation Services

  • Project Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Group Site Planning
  • Content Migration

+ Professional Learning

  • On-site Professional Learning Days
  • Online Instruction
  • The eChalk Professional Learning Webinar Series

+ Technical Services

  • Data Integration Orientation

+ Design Services

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design

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Version 4.0 to be released summer 2016.