Personal Dashboard

A personalized view into your school experience. Personalize your dashboard to include all of the school information that's most important to you!

Personal Dashboard features a sleek, drag-and-drop interface that gives you easy one-click access to all of your school information in one place, on any device.

Customizable, movable tiles allow you to interact with the information you need all on one screen. Mix and match these personalized shortcuts to make a dashboard that’s all your own — you’ll cut down on clicks and save time accessing the information you use most.

eChalk Personal Dashboard

Choose from these customizable, movable tiles to create your Personal Dashboard:

  • Announcements: View important school and district news and class and group updates.
  • Members: Create easy-to-access directories that include your colleagues, teachers, friends, etc. to quickly send email and access their profile pages.
  • Upcoming Events: See what’s coming up on all your important calendars to keep up with team sporting events and classroom assignments, as well as school and district-wide events.
  • Activity Feed: Keep up to date on important notifications from blogs, discussion posts and homework drop box questions from students. (Coming soon!)
  • Assignments: Track the status of homework assignments. Parents and students can easily keep up with what’s due across all classes and teachers can quickly see if any students are having trouble keeping up with their homework submissions.
  • Resources: Highlight your favorite resources to get quick access to classroom study guides, worksheets, football team practice schedules, and more. (Coming soon!)

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